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Socio-Entrepreneurial Corporations (SEC) are permanent business entities operating in order to profit from the production and sale of goods and services.

The main difference of the Social-Entrepreneurial Corporation from the commercial corporations is the reinvestment of the profits obtained in order to fulfill the social, economic or cultural goals of the population of the region created in the interests of SEC.

N.A. Nazarbayev First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Объявление о начале приема заявлений по проекту «О размещении торговых павильонов в городе Нур-Султан для ведения уличной торговли"

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JSC "SEC "Astana" signed 24 agreements on joint activities in 2020

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JSC "SEC "Astana" held a meeting on anti-corruption and crime prevention

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JSC "SEC "Astana" invites you to cooperate in the implementation of the products of the Stabilization Fund

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During the life of the Company, more than 8 investment projects were implemented in various sectors of the economy and amounted to 284.6 million tenge were attracted.

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SEC «Astana»

Joint Stock Company «Socio-Entrepreneurial Corporation «Astana» is an Institute for Regional Development and is the sole shareholder of the Company - Akimat of the city of Nur-Sultan. The idea of creating social-entrepreneurial corporations in Kazakhstan belongs to the First President of the country. Similar to developed countries, companies have been formed that have integrated a number of government assets and focused on developing local businesses. JSC «Social Entrepreneurship Corporation «Astana» was established in 2006 by reorganization of“ Saryarka JSC «National Company «Social Entrepreneurship Corporation». Read more

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