Regional Stabilization Fund

Company is defined as the specialized organization for stabilization fund program execution created to provide regulatory impact on the agrifood market and ensuring food security, as well as to prevent the growth of prices for socially important food products within Astana in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 1280 as of October 09, 2017 "On Approving the Regulations for Formation and Use of Regional Stabilization Funds for Food Products”.

As part of the Regional Stabilization Fund for Food Products (hereinafter - Stabilization Fund) for 2017, in accordance with the Decision of Akim of Astana No. 102-09 as of May 19, 2017, and also No. 102-22 as of October 20, 2017, the Company purchased grocery and vegetable products in volume of 2800 tons for the total amount of 516 million tenge.

Name Volume, tons
Sugar 1500
Rice 500
Buckwheat 500
Potato 300

228.675 tons of sugar from the approved volume (1500 tons) was sold through the sales networks last year. The whole volume was sold within the seasonal boom in the market (July-August, 2017), when it was possible to reduce the retail price of sugar from 319 tenge to 240 tenge per kilogram due to the timely commodity intervention.

There was purchased 500 tons of buckwheat, presently, only 6 tons was sold. The reason of low sales is caused by the strong fall of prices, it has fallen for the year by 40%.

Rice of "Leader" sort was purchased in 500 tons, presently there is sold 90 tons, in comparison with the previous year the price fell by -19%.

Potato of "Gala" sort was purchased in volume of 300 tons, potato was sold in Shapagat municipal market from December, 2017 to May of this year. Presently, the potato is completely sold. The potato purchase is expected at an early date upon the corresponding decision of the Management Committee for Stabilization Fund of Astana.

Products are sold at Shapagat municipal market at the address: 69 Bogenbai Batyr avenue, Astana.