Social and Entrepreneurial Corporation Astana JSC (hereinafter – Company) is defined as the operator of the project “On Pavilions Deployment in Astana for Street Trading”. Project execution was based on the official instruction of the Akim of Astana A.R. Dzhaksybekov (Protocol No.13 as of October 19, 2015 “On Pavilions Deployment in Astana for Street Trading” and Protocol n/a as of November 9, 2015).

The project purpose is to regulate street trading, improve the service quality in street trading, simplify administrative procedures for the business entities, create the transparent, simple mechanism for granting trade rights in municipal non-stationary retail facilities in compliance with the required standards.

The following main types of street tradng and services should be realized through this project: sale of fruit and vegetables, finished products (beverages, ice cream, fast food), food products (bakery, dairy, sausage products), flowers, newspapers, souvenirs, children leisure-time, technical services, household services.