Миссия компании

Mission is to encourage the city development in terms of the entrepreneurial activity based on the principles of public-private partnership in concert with the Akimat of Astana and its subdivisions.


Видение компании

Perspective - regional development institution effectively managing the assets, encouraging the economic activity at the growth points through the investment promotion as well, acting as the catalyst for the competitive sustainable industries.


Цель компании

Purpose is to increase the social and economic development of Astana through the active investment policy of the SEC based on the consolidation of the public and private sectors.

Primary Objectives of SEC Astana JSC:

Развитие предпринимательской деятельности

Entrepreneurial activity development and increase of investment attractiveness of domestic goods producers

Безопасность города

Astana food security

Поддержка предпринимательства

Support and stimulation of the small and medium entrepreneurship development

Развитие ремесленничества

Support and stimulation of workmanship development

Создание высокотехнологичных производств

High-tech manufacturing in terms of the implementation of innovation technologies, energy conservation, international standards of quality of the manufactures goods focused on the import substitution and export

Повышение уровня жизни

Life quality increase of population through the socially significant projects and projects of the small and medium business in service rendering

Повышение конкурентоспособности

Competitiveness increase of the manufacturing facilities including the facilities established by unprofitable organizations restructuring

Создание эффективных производств

Efficient and demanded manufacturing facilities based on the existing assets and the assets transferred to the company


Видение компании

Astana food security

Видение компании

Support and stimulation of the
small and medium entrepreneurship development

  • Development strategy of the SEC ASTANA JSC